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Short Stays in Allerton House Assisted Living Communities
along the South Shore of Massachusetts

When a senior moves into an assisted living community for a pre-determined period of time on a temporary basis it is known as an Assisted Living Short Stay, Trial Stay or Respite.

Short Stay or Trial Stay residents generally have access to the same care, services, amenities, programs and social opportunities available to full-time residents of Allerton House Assisted Living Communities along the South Shore.

An Assisted Living Trial Stay can be advantageous for individuals and their loved ones who find themselves in a variety of different situations. For example:

  • When a senior has been released from a hospital or rehabilitation center, but is not yet ready to return home.
  • When adult caregivers are out of town for business or a vacation.
  • When a senior wants to learn about assisted living first-hand, but is not ready to make a long-term commitment.
  • When adult caregivers need a break from the responsibilities of caring for a loved one 24/7.


Q: What should adult caregivers/loved ones know before making a commitment for a loved one’s Trial Stay?

A: First and foremost, seniors’ family members want to know they can rest assured that their loved one’s safety, security and happiness are number one priorities. Assisted living at Allerton House offers:

  • A warm, inviting, home-like environment
  • A caring staff, available 24 hours a day
  • Assistance whenever it is needed with tasks such as medical appointment scheduling and transportation, medication management, dressing, grooming or simply someone to listen
  • A wide selection of nutritious and delicious meal options served in settings such as fine dining rooms and country kitchens
  • The privacy of one’s own apartment
  • A wealth of fun and interesting programs and activities, participation in which enhances physical and emotional well-being

Q: What happens when a Trial Stay is over?

A: At the end of a Trial Stay, seniors have gained an in-depth understanding of all that assisted living has to offer. Some Trial Stay residents continue the arrangements that were in place before the Trial Stay. In some cases, seniors and their families take advantage of the Trial-Stay option more than once during the year. For some, the “Trial Stay test-drive” leads to a permanent move to an Allerton House Assisted Living Community. In fact, many full-time assisted living residents were once short-stay residents.

To learn more about a Short Stay or a Trial Stay at a Welch Healthcare & Retirement Group Assisted Living Community contact the Marketing or Sales Director at the Allerton House of your choice.

Contact Welch About Short Stay Programs

Please contact us for more information or with any questions you may have.

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