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Welch Home Care Services - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has Welch Home Care Services been in business?

    Welch Home Care Services has been providing in-home services for more than 30 years.

  • What towns do you service?

    Welch Home Care Services provides care in all communities on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

  • Does Welch Home Care Services provide 24/7 care?

    And are staff members available 24/7 should a question or problem arises?

    Yes, we provide care 24/7. An on-call coordinator and licensed nurse are available after normal business hours to take your call and answer questions.

  • Do you hire the employees directly?

    Yes, Welch Home Care Services employs and pays the caregivers directly and provides coverage for Worker’s Compensation and liability insurance.

  • Does Welch Home Care Services conduct background checks on your employees?

    Yes, Welch Home Care Services employees undergo a thorough pre-employment screening including a background check, references and a driver record for all new hires.

  • Are your caregivers allowed to administer medications?

    No, State law prohibits non-licensed personnel to administer medications; they may assist the client with self administering medications that are pre-filled by the family or pharmacy.

    If the client or family is unable to assist with self-administered medications, licensed nurses are available.

  • Does Welch Home Care Services provide back-up coverage in the event of a scheduling conflict?

    Welch Home Care Services will make every effort to provide a back up caregiver coverage.

  • Does Welch Home Care Services make periodic visits to supervise caregivers?

    Yes, a licensed nurse makes regular announced and unannounced visits to supervise staff.

  • Is Welch Home Care Services licensed by any government agency? Do you accept insurance?

    Welch Home Care Services is not a Medicare Certified agency but is licensed by the state of Massachusetts as a provider of in-home services.

    Welch Home Care Services accepts many insurance plans, including Long-Term Care insurance. We will work with you to submit the required documentation to assist you with reimbursement for covered services.

  • Do you accept credit cards or require a deposit?

    At this time we do not accept credit cards or require a deposit.

  • Will your agency provide a free in-home consultation?

    Yes, we will send a licensed nurse prior to starting service to assess an individual’s needs and develop a care plan.